In A Room On Broad St.

In A Room On Broad St is Jacob Jonas’s view on society’s competitive nature.

Choreography: Jacob Jonas
Lighting Design: William Adashek
35 minutes

“‘In a Room on Broad St.’ was an explosive display of the company’s vitality and range. If break dancing and concert dance had a baby, it would be the Jacob Jonas company. With balletic arabesques, acrobatic flips and spinning headstands, the dancers showed that they could hold their own in the studio and on the street.” –Los Angeles Times

“This piece featured the unique talents of nine dancers and showcased the diverse training an background of each. From Parkour to aero-yoga, ballet to contemporary, these dancers are the cream of the crop in their genre, and Jonas skillfully meshes them into a single work that is both aesthetically cohesive and also expressively potent” –LA Dance Review

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Performance photography by Matthew Brush.