Fly (the Swedish word for escape), was birthed through watching a heartbeat monitor as it flat-lined, and explores the themes of endurance and deceleration.


Choreography: Jacob Jonas
Lighting Design: William Adashek
8 minutes


Performance History:
Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts (Beverly Hills, CA) January 13, 2017 (premiere)


“The magic of turning only four dancers, exiting and reappearing, into the illusion of multiple numbers of performers, was clever and engaging.”           International Review of Music, Jane Rosenberg

20170112_JJPerform_061 20170112_JJPerform_058 20170113_JJPerform_159 20170113_JJPerform_142 20170113_JJPerform_154  20170113_JJPerform_165

Performance photography by Matthew Brush.