Crash The ocean is never still. Waves crash continuously. While observing from the shore, we expect to see waves on the horizon. One never crashes the same as another. Never the same height, pressure, distance or rhythm. Waves transmit energy, not water. Once crashed, a specific whitewater formation appears, then disappears.

Choreography: Jacob Jonas
Original Score and Live Performance: Okaidja Afroso
Lighting Design: William Adashek
Scientific Consultant: David Tytler
Costume: Tessa Matthias
25 minutes

“Few choreographers could recreate a sunset on stage, yet Jonas has managed the impossible.” –Los Angeles Times

“It is truly a magnificent piece of art.” –Broadway World

“One of the undeniable highlights of the evening was the live music performed by Okaidja Afroso.  His voice, guitar, and percussion instruments blended into a landscape that was transcendent. The power of a single resonant human voice and the rhythms of the human bodies moving as one augmented the intimacy of the work, making a piece about the ocean become more a journey of the human spirit.” –LA Dance Review
“It was imaginative and exciting with it’s un-self conscious and loving tribute to the sea.” LA Dance Chronicle,