Sony Alpha Imaging Collective is a coalition of photographers and videographers who are passionate about creating new imagery and sharing with their followers around the world. The members of The Collective are a cornerstone of the rapidly-growing α social community. Pushing the limits of their Sony cameras and lenses, the members of the α Imaging Collective create dynamic and inspiring photographs and videos that reveal their spirit of adventure.

Jacob Jonas The Company worked with The Collective’s Dylan Schwartz and Philip Edsel on two separate campaigns creating content for the Sony RX0.

The first collaboration by Dylan Schwartz of KSSD Studio featured performing artists Jacob Jonas, Jill Wilson, Lamonte Goode, and Rauf Yasit:

Learn more and watch the behind the scenes here.

The second collaboration by Philip Edsel was choreographed by Jacob Jonas and featured performing artists Joy Brown and Nic Walton.

Learn more and watch the behind the scenes here.