#ADigitalDance is a movement project encouraging creativity through digital platforms. As we respond to the limitations of our current time with COVID-19, we look to these restrictions as the bedrock of our creativity. With social media playing such an important role in new age communication, what better way to connect the world and encourage creativity during these times.

Let’s create something together while we are apart.

In partnership with a group of cultural leaders, every Monday and Friday we will share a new #adigitaldance task and release it using our online platforms. We encourage our audiences to do these tasks on their own at home or outside in nature – places that are walking distance so there is no need to take any public transportation and following the guidelines of the local government and CDC.

See what people around the world are creating @adigitaldance + #adigitlaldance.


By Jacob Jonas The Company

Interpret the written movement directions below in order from 1 to 15 to create your own phrase using your movement ability, location, and creativity. You can interpret the directions in many different ways.

1) Hips circle
2) Right knee up
3) Jump to opposite direction
4) Left shoulder cuts
5) 3 angular movements
6) Step 1, 2
7) Hips push forward
8) Up, surrender, down
9) 5 steps in different directions
10) Rotate, switch
11) Left leg gets pulled 
12) Pull, circle, grab
13) Twist, circle
14) Jump
15) Drop


By Emma Portner

Grab and hold on to one foot at all times. Use hand sanitizer before and after.



By Tiler Peck

1)Cross arms in a fluid movement 
2)Lunge keeping one leg straight and one bent 
3)Stand on just the left leg 
4)Jump off two feet looking up to the sky
5)Find the silence 
6)Inhale and Smile 
7) Turn to the right 
8) Touch the ground 
9) Slide your hand from the ground up to your heart
10)Bend both knees and twist
11)Head roll to the right 
12) Make a shape with both arms stretched side 
13) 3 sharp contractions using any part of your body 
14) Make a circular movement with your arms 
15) End on your toes 



By Michael Novack, Artistic Director of Paul Taylor American Modern Dance

Interpret the written direction on the next story in order from 1-15 to create a phrase using only your hands. Utilize the space surrounding you to create a unique film composition.

1) clasp
2) twist
3) pick
4) stop
5) flick
6) support
7) scrape
8) pause
9) crawl
10) wave slowly
11) pierce
12) pull
13) claw
14) massage
15) cleanse


By Alicia Graf Mack, Director of Dance at Juilliard

Make a dance that plays with the idea of PERSPECTIVE by changing your orientation and/or distance from the camera.









By Pilobolus

Create a piece that contains:
-a clear beginning, middle, and end.
-a moment of being off the floor.
-a use of space (cannot end in the same place it began).
-a move using only your hands.
-a moment of surprise.
-a traverse across the floor at a low level.
-a reveal of something secret.
-a spin.
-a moment of risk (either physical or emotional).


By The 7 Fingers

“When dance meets circus.”
Dancers: Focus on object exploration
Circus artists: Focus on physical movement exploration
  1. Choose an object and see how it makes you move.
  2. Keep the object in constant focus
  3. Roll with the object
  4. Toss object, move while object is in the air, catch the object.
  5. Let the object initiate the movement
  6. Bend with the object
  7. Balance the object



By Xin Ying, Principal Dancer with Martha Graham Dance Company

Dance allows us to access all our emotions, but sometimes it just helps us escape and brings us joy. My task is to create new movements in your daily rituals. Find movement while you’re brewing your morning coffee or wearing a moisturizing sheet mask. Use this restricted time in quarantine as an opportunity to create something that may surprise you or bring you joy.



By Jacob Jonas

Create 10 movements.

Option 1:
Film the movements with three edits of different backdrops. We encourage you to use an editing program to create a video of your own incorporation three locations and music of your choice.

Option 2:
Photograph the movements individually and upload them as a series of 10 images.




By Adji Cissoko, Dancer with Alonzo King Lines Ballet 

Interpret the written direction on the next story in order from 1-15 to create a phrase your movement, ability, location and creativity.

1)feel heavy 
2)help bodyparts move 
3)connect right elbow with opposite foot
4)become small
5)explore fingers
6)look up
7)lead with your butt
9)itch yourself 
10)low jumps 
11)create linear movement 
12)become still 
15)escape to the left



By Kyle Abraham, Artistic Director of A.I.M.

In this time of isolation, I’d love for people to take the time to talk to their loved ones and ask them questions like these:

  1. How old were you when you first fell in love?
  2. How did you know it was love?
  3. How old were you when you first felt heartbreak?
  4. Can you share a memory of loss that you never shared with anyone else?
  5. Can you tell me about two different moments in your life when you felt proud of yourself? One moment should be this year.

Once you’ve taken all of that information in, take time to honor that person with a special dedicated dance that truely honors what they’ve shared with you. It’s not necessary post this part unless you feel comfortable doing so. Share this with the person who you connected with during this task.


By Damien Jalet

A bed is where most people are born and the place where many leave this world.
It’s a place where you spend a big part of your life…unconscious.
It’s where dreams are made and intimacy is found.

Use your bed as a stage, a set , a partner to interact, a canvas that will frame you for this task.
Use it s limits and it s unexpected possibilities.
Get inspired from the implosions that make you get out of it in the morning and the surrendering feeling when you find it back, exhausted.

Take risk, play with gravity and perception… (but don t break it)




By ILL-Abilties

ILL-Abilities is made up of the world’s best differently-abled breakdancers living with the example of “No Excuses, No Limits”. Use the theme of limitation to inspire your movement. Get creative being stuck.
The Pocket: How can you move around with one hand in your pocket?
Leg Lockdown Challenge: Hold both your legs straight with your knees locked and move without bending your knees.
The Blindfold: Move with a blindfold on (with caution).
Glued: Pretend one foot is glued to the ground in one spot and move around it.
Constraint: Attach one end of a constraint to a limb and the other end to a solid object and move.


By Ian Robinson,  Bobbi Jene Smith, and  Billy Barry 

First grab a pen and paper and draw with closed eyes a single line drawing. Let it dictate your movement path by going from one point to the other, then reverse your way back to home. Let the shape/curves of your drawing inspire your movement choice.


By Mike Tyus and Joy Brown of Jacob Jonas The Company

Create a video that is less than ten seconds long and starts and stops in a similiar place so that when repeated there is a looping effect.


By people watching (Brin Schoellkopf, Natasha Patterson, Jeremy Levesque, Sabine van Rensburg)

to zoom in on a specific body part. It could be a beautiful way to add a visual aspect of different close up isolation movement sequences.

Produced by Jacob Jonas The Company
Jacob Jonas, Jill Wilson, Emma Rosenzweig-Bock, Joy Brown, Mike Tyus