To be productive through imagination. Constant exploration. Risk taking. Movement, even if still. A strong desire to know or learn. Everyone is always growing. Being inquisitive. Thinking and doing. Always approaching things through innovation. Striving to understand humanity and nature. Non traditional thinking. Dreaming. 


We are a community, a fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. We are fostering and sustaining relationships. We are one ecosystem supporting one another. As a medium, we are activists. We are not in competition with each other or other artists. This is home. Everyone has different strengths that all contribute to our success. Everyone is welcome. Diversity of backgrounds and artistic discipline; of age, gender and culture; and of life experience is at the center of this company. Through teamwork, we are collaborating together to inform and contribute to the originality of our mission. Making sure each person is reaching their fullest potential.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards to create a positive, honest, authentic and non judgmental environment. Leadership by example. We have strong morals and principals and have the expectations that everyone involved does as well. Your interest in us and our interest in you is about the work. Protecting our team is a first priority. We look at our team and community as an investment. Nothing is transactional. We produce people as much as we produce work.