Cultural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Jacob Jonas The Company was founded in 2014 by Jacob Jonas, Jill Wilson and William Adashek to create and share dance work in performance and visual content with a mission to engage a broad community and foster collaboration between artists of different mediums. The Company was built on the artistic work of Jacob Jonas, whose creative background has set the foundation for diversity, equity and inclusion. He began dancing as a teenager by joining a street-performing group on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Here he learned various street dance techniques, worked with artists of different styles and from various cultures, and performed for individuals regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic status. A line spoken within the street show was “There’s only one race and that’s the human race.” This philosophy is foundational to how we approach our organization.


The Company is committed to reflecting the multi-cultural components of society. This commitment is reflected in the artists and collaborators we hire, those at the decision-making table, the stories we tell via the mediums and styles we create, and the communities engaged and inspired by our work. We have a platform to allow people to see themselves on stage or on screen, and where one can learn about different cultures. Our commitment is to pay all of our artists and collaborators on an equitable basis. It is our responsibility to include multiple cultures, to be open-minded to new perspectives, and to build a sustainable organization that inspires generations to come.