Touring Details

13 people total – 1 Artistic Director, 1 Production Manager/ Lighting Supervisor, 1 Production Assistant, 1 Content Manager and 9 dancers.



Program requires load-in one day prior to performance. We are able to use house rep plots. Prehung requested prior to arrival.

We carry our own costumes and props. We do not have any sets. We require the Sponsor/Presenter to provide lighting and sound equipment, soft goods, crew, adequate stage surface for barefooted dancing, and dressing room facilities.

Tech Rider available upon request.



Student Shows combine performance with informational narrations shared about the company’s history, process and aesthetic to inspire and educate the next generation.

Workshops & Masterclasses offer an intimate opportunity for students to experience the artistic processes that Jacob Jonas uses in the studio with his company, learn repertory and expand artistic practice. Taught by Jacob Jonas and members of the company, the class focuses on teaching a versatile skill set including breakdance, contemporary ballet, partnering, and acrobatic techniques.

#CamerasandDancers is a social media meet up organized by Jacob Jonas The Company and co-hosted by a photographic influencer, a dance company and a venue- typically a cultural institution or architectural space. It is a grassroots marketing campaign that provides a platform for content creation and sharing.