Quotes from Presenters

“Jacob’s was one of the first companies I saw following my arrival in LA. I loved the work, but also responded to Jacob’s thoughts and ideas for the future. Jacob is a choreographer, dancer and innovator. He explores different ways of working and collaborating, and is inspirational to a new generation of dancers and audiences. His company is made up of dancers and performers that have come from a range of performance backgrounds, that give it a unique style and energy. It has been great to present the work at The Wallis, and see how he has taken full advantage of the opportunity. His ambition and talent will take him far.” Paul Crewes, Artistic Director, Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts


“I am impressed by Jacob’s virtuosity both in his art and in running his company. His dancers are all beautiful and all so very different. They represent what Los Angeles is all about, an incredible diversity that shows its true beauty by coming together.” –Rachel Moore, President and CEO, The Music Center


“Jacob Jonas is a delight. The artistic vision of this young choreographer and his talented group of dancers resonated with our audience. It was communicated in his earnest, compelling choreography, the belief he and his company share in the work they do together, and through his vibrant #camerasanddancers social media campaign. He earned a lot of fans in his three days in Santa Fe. We look forward to having him back.” Joel Aalberts, Executive Director, Lensic Performing Arts Center


“Jacob Jonas The Company: what an incredible group of individuals! So full of joy and passion for the work, dedication to the artistic vision and above all so generous and eager to share with the community.  Jacob Jonas is an exciting young choreographer with a fresh vision who has brought together a diverse group of dancers, creating work that spoke volumes to our equally diverse audience.  We look forward to having the company back, to see what new and challenging work they have created.” -Lee Dombroski, Manager, University of Hawaii, Hilo  Performing Arts Center.


“There are few people in the dance and the performing arts world that combine artistic and entrepreneurial talent at such a high level at such a young age as Jacob Jonas. I am in awe at how Jacob brings together street dance, modern dance, and ballet in his pieces and manages to build a company, his social media profile and his group of admirers all at the same time with such grace, charm and lightness that can only come from truly hard work.” -Jorn Weisbrodt, Artistic Advisor, The Music Center


“Jacob’s work is powerful, celebratory, provacative…the kind of art I am happy and proud to share with our audience. The repertoire was was very thoughtfully chosen to highlight the strengths of the company’s very talented dancers. The film “Grey” gave us a heightened visual appreciation for the depth and diversity of the discipline of dance. There was a lot of positive feedback from members in the audience.” -Deborah Sacarakis, Artistic Director, Zoellner Arts Center