Community Engagement

Arts learning is an integral part of Jacob Jonas The Company. Our programs are devised to reflect the professional artistic processes that Jacob Jonas uses in the studio with his company, ensuring that all who participate in our workshops experience high quality practice. Our core values through our classes are:

Curiosity– to encourage students think inquisitively and with innovation. 

Trust– to build reliance on the integrity and strength of oneself and others through confidence and collaboration.

Versatility– to foster an open-minded environment where students are exposed to new skill sets and are able to diversify their strengths in support of reaching their fullest potential.


Movement Workshops:
Students learn the source of Jacob’s choreographic language and explore excerpts from the company’s works in contemporary ballet, street dance and acrobatic techniques. Workshop includes a fast paced, dynamic warm up, delivery of creative tasks and teaching of repertory by Jacob and/or JJTC company members.

#CamerasandDancers: A location specific Instameet organized by Jacob Jonas The Company and cohosted by social media influencers and significant cultural institutions. An Instameet is an event organized for Instagram users, or Instagrammers, to meet and create photo content together. The objective of #CamerasandDancers is to bring the mediums of dance and photography together to create content and creatively activate spaces both in real time and online. Learn more here.

Documenting Dance:
Students participate in a hands-on experience, broadening their creative and conceptual thinking, composition structure, and choreography for and with the camera. Students should be prepared to dance and bring a camera (whether a mobile device or a DSLR camera).

An interactive experience with Jacob and members of the company to look deeper into the company’s history, current projects and inspirations, artistic processes used in the studio, engaging the arts as a profession and provide an opportunity to ask questions.

Post Show Q&A:
Inviting the audience for a brief Q&A to deeper explore what works resonated most and what questions arise from experiencing the performance.