“When Jacob Jonas the Company performs, energy doesn’t just seem to bounce off the walls, it reverberates off of bodies” Los Angeles Times


“Jacob Jonas is a true polymath: not only an artistic director, choreographer, teacher and dancer, but a photographer, filmmaker, producer and curator, as well.” –Dance Magazine


“Jonas proved that he is an emerging artistic force nationally, and Los Angeles should be proud that he has chosen to base his company here.” BachTrack


“[Obstacles] was one of the most tactile visualizations of a human’s struggle with disease that I have ever seen. It was heart-wrenching and deeply uncomfortable, but valuable. It humanized the patient and her existential fight in an extraordinary way.” — Yo Yo Ma, Concert Cellist, Artistic Advisor to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


“If break dancing and concert dance had a baby, it would be the Jacob Jonas company” Los Angeles Times


“Jonas’ work also goes outside the box on stage. Combining break dance and ballet, Jonas’ fusion of stage and street styles is not just refreshing, but kinetically explosive and visually vibrant.”The Argonaut


“All about stretching the boundaries of dance and making it accessible in our social media age” Citizine


“While many choreographers aspire to merge traditional and contemporary dance styles while mixing in traditional and contemporary theater, music, video and social media, Jacob Jonas actually does it, and does it very, very well.” Cultural Weekly


“Connections to [Jacob’s] life can be found in a number of his works—among them a dance-drama that turns a woman’s battle with a deadly disease into a lethal confrontation with an unyielding man—but he’s also created potent action-paintings from the abstraction of oceanic movement and the interpersonal need to create a sense of community when hashtags threaten to tear us apart.”-Lewis Segal for CULTURED